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Career Management

Time and time again, the primary determinant of professional success has proved to be career planning. Success is wrought from a career that fulfills you and maximizes your potential. When you have a plan, there is a guiding force behind all your decisions. You have a benchmark to evaluate what you are doing and decide what changes need to be made. You’ll never find yourself stagnating in a job. You’ll either watch yourself advance and develop in line with your plan or easily see that you need to make a change.

What do you do when you evaluate the current state of your career and find that you are not on the path to success? You may find your current job is under utilizing your skills and that you aren't advancing how you would like to. You may be satisfied with your current job, but realize that there are more and better opportunities out there. If either is the case, it is time to start considering a career transition.

Whether you are just considering a transition as a possibility, or are actively searching for a new job, with FPC you’ll learn:
• What to consider before beginning your job search
• How to update your resume and network
• How to work with job search services
• How to successfully interview with a company
• How to work out the details of a job offer
• How to achieve success in your new job and throughout the rest of your career


You’ll gain a greater understanding of all the elements of a career transition and the tools to navigate through the process. Integrate what you learn here with you capabilities in your industry, and you’ll be prepared and likely to meet success.

Fortune Personnel Consultants of Orlando, a firm that specializes in the recruiting and placement of top professionals with top companies, can help you. Each month the team reviews hundreds of resumes and works with dozens of candidates and companies, looking to align individual professional goals with companies’ needs. Using their collective experience, they can provide professionals, such as yourself, insight into the job change process they work with everyday. You can use this insight to help make the best, most informed decisions for your career.

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