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FPC of  Orlando brings top talent and top companies together

Good hiring decisions involve much more than matching skills and experience to the job description. The FPC team devotes the time and effort to thoroughly understand the culture, personality, and unique needs of an organization in order to present qualified candidates who will fit smoothly and comfortably into your company. 

So why work with us in Recruiting Candidates?

Continuing Commitment
FPC has been helping businesses find and keep talented people since 1959. Built with client interests at heart, FPC provides a global impact while remaining personal, flexible, and responsive.
The recruitment specialists at FPC have access to the experience, thinking, and relationships of an expansive network across multiple industries and disciplines.
Access to Talent
The most talented and competent professionals, executives, and managers are highly engaged and in demand. The expertise and connections FPC has in the recruiting industry will give you access to talent you may not otherwise meet.
Screening Prospects
FPC locates, screens, and interviews prospects across the world to introduce  you to only the most qualified candidates, and ensures that they fully understand the company's needs and position. 
Candidate Motivation
Once you have selected the ideal person for the position, FPC serves as a liaison for negotiations and works to motivate the chose candidate to accept your offer. 
Confidentiality, Integrity, and Trust
Discretion is vital when recruiting, interviewing and negotiating, and FPC works as a trustworthy liaison between potential employer and candidate. Credentials and privileged information is held in confidence, and you can trust that all members of the FPC staff abides by our code of ethics
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